A Conversation with Flor Cassullo

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

Born and bred in Buenos Aires, Flor arrived in Ibiza twenty years ago for a short holiday attracted by the club scene. However, once she got to the island she decided to stay, leaving behind an unfinished degree course in law and dedicating herself to yoga.


Why did you start practicing yoga and how has it benefitted your life?

During my first summer in Ibiza I was working long hours in the hospitality industry. After a hard day at work, a friend invited me to practice Shivananda Yoga with her. I was actually not very interested at first, but it felt so good. I thought I could do it more often and since then I never stopped. It always brings out better versions of myself. The physical practice is not as important as how it changes you inside, helping you feel calmer and more conscious of the present moment. Then come a great number the physical benefits.


Which aspects of yoga are you most excited about teaching and sharing?

What I love the most about teaching yoga is to give people the tools for everyday situations, something as simple as breathing deeply when you’re feeling stressed for instance. The concentration you can develop during the execution of the asanas is something you can take with you to an endless number of daily situations. A regular practice helps you to focus and be more present. Basically, to enjoy life more. After a practice everything is calm, when people come out of Savasana (corpse pose), at the end of the session, everyone seems happier.

· Savasana or Shavasana (Shava is the Sanskrit term for ‘corpse’ and Asana is the term for ‘posture’ or ‘seat’) is a restorative or meditative pose lying on our back, arms and legs extended, fully relaxed. It is most commonly performed at the end of a yoga practice as the final relaxation .

What’s your personal mantra?

 To have a good attitude. In yoga we speak about Santosha, it is an attitude of contentment, where you accept whichever circumstances present themselves at any given moment. Each one of us reacts to situations in a personal way. If we can cultivate a positive approach, we can deal with challenging situations in the most appropriate way making things easier on ourselves and those around us.

· Santosha is part of one of the eight limbs of yoga outlined by Patanjali in the classical text ‘The Yoga Sutras’. Each limb describes an aspect of the yogic practice, such as Asana (physical postures) and Pranayama (breathing techniques). Nimaya, the second limb refers to observances and self-discipline and Santosha belongs to this limb. Santosha means accepting and appreciating who we are and what we have. Santosha helps us find simple enjoyment in our daily life experience . 

What is your approach to teaching?

I want people to leave my classes happier than when they arrived. I love to see them leave smiling and feeling relaxed. At Riomar my classes are gentle and suitable for all levels. The surroundings make it very easy to begin the yoga practice and focus on breathing. We listen to the sounds of the sea, the breeze, the birds and you can already begin to see people relaxing and connecting to nature. This is such a marvellous way to begin a yoga practice and feel connected.

Why did you choose to come to Ibiza?

I was 22 years old at the time and I chose Ibiza because I wanted to experience the club scene! But I arrived here and I stopped going out. I started doing yoga and meditating, and I met the father of my child. I soon realised Ibiza is so much more than I thought it was, it has such a special energy, and it is such a great place to live in, in contact with nature and the sea. I found the lesser-known side of the island to be the most beautiful one.

Can you share a place in Ibiza for a deeper connection to the present moment?

That would be in Punta Galera at sunset. It is one of my favourite spots at any time of day and the sunset it is magical, not only because of the place itself but the people who go there. I feel at peace and in harmony with my surroundings and a strong connection to the universe. The stone formations on the cliffs are large and flat, creating rock pools and the sea seems so vast right in front of you, it gives such a feeling of spaciousness.


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