A conversation with Kerry Ward

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack
Meet Tarotbella, a trailblazer in the world of tarot for over 25 years, who brings a touch of enchantment to the modern age. From her unique childhood encounters with the supernatural to her pioneering role as Cosmopolitan’s resident tarot columnist in both the UK and the US, Tarotbella demystify’s tarot’s allure. As the mastermind behind captivating decks and the forthcoming book ‘Power Purpose Practice’, she skillfully fuses tarot, astrology and numerology, offering seekers a roadmap to self-discovery and empowerment.

Can you tell us about your journey into the world of tarot?

My mum says I was ‘born weird’ and it’s true that from a young age, my fascination with the mystical and magical was evident. One of my earliest memories is telling ghost stories at nursery, covered by a blanket, underneath the climbing frame! Tarot found its way into my life around the age of 8 through the enchanting Solitaire, the tarot reader in ‘Live And Let Die’. The deck she uses in the film became my very first! Delving deeper, astrology’s insights from ‘Linda Goodman’s Sun Signs’ became my guiding light. I enjoyed being able to read for friends or tell them about their sign. Fast forward to 2016, at 40, I embraced tarot and esoteric arts full time, leaving my corporate path behind. Today, as a reader, writer (I am about to start writing my 7th book) and deck creator, each creation sparks new ideas, fuelling my journey further.

As Cosmopolitan’s first resident tarot columnist in the UK and US, can you share some insights into how mainstream has influenced the perception of tarot?

Tarot’s journey into the mainstream has been both exciting and transformative during my years in the field. I don’t see Tarot as magic or even that esoteric, it’s an intricate information system, a repository of human wisdom. Tarot continues to evolve and there’s a deck for every type of interest, background, ideology, personality or hobby and this keeps tarot alive, relevant and relatable. The cards have endless potential.


Your upcoming book, ‘Power Purpose Practice’ sounds fascinating. Can you give us a glimpse into how tarot, astrology and numerology intersect in providing self-discovery and guidance?
‘Power Purpose Practice’ is a journey.  Astrology sets the stage by unveiling personality and ‘power’ through elements and ruling planets. Tarot further enhances this with each sign’s unique card, amplifying the strengths and traits of that sign. Numerology, rooted in birth dates, uncovers life’s ‘purpose’ – the essence of your existence. The culmination is the ‘practice’, with planetary-based meditations and rituals tailored by astrological elements. The book is a practical, real-life guide designed for personal empowerment.
You’ve been invited to read tarot during the Full Moon event at Hotel Riomar. How do you perceive the connection between the full moon and the practice of tarot reading?
A perfect time of the month to do tarot readings! Full Moons are a pause from reality and everyday life. They are powerful phases to reflect, review and gain perspective. This Full Moon is a blue moon (meaning the second one in a month) and a super moon (closer to the Earth) in Pisces. It’s a rare opportunity for guests to tap into the Moon’s power and I am hoping it will be truly illuminating for them.
And how does the backdrop and ambiance of Riomar influence the energy of the readings?
Tribe at Hotel Riomar, with its sandy setting and the sea’s rhythmic sounds merges beautifully with tarot’s essence. The sea has a powerful connection to the Moon, its tides are controlled by the lunar pull. So being close to the sea, under the light of the Full Moon is completely conducive to creating deep, new, powerful insights and ideas. Not only that, Hotel Riomar is a luxurious, peaceful and harmonious space. A relaxed mind is a creative mind and I think holidays are a perfect time to do tarot and reflect. This is the time to make those big decisions.
Can you share a memorable moment on the island with us?
I love lying on the sun beds on the beach and just listening to the sea, collecting shells, reading and thinking of new ideas. Nothing beats relaxation by the sea. Santa Eulalia, and in particular, Hotel Riomar has become my new favourite holiday destination, it is so inspiring and tranquil. It’s a fantastic getaway and the staff’s care adds a touch of magic to every moment.