A conversation with Maartje

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

Maartje Diepstraten is the creative mind behind Barts Boejke, where her team and her share recommendations and insights on travel, lifestyle and beyond. In our conversation, we dive into Diepstraten’s exploration of the quieter side of the island. Discover highlights from her visit and some insider tips, including exciting new places to explore in Ibiza.

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What initially drew you to explore the quieter side of Ibiza?
I never really felt attracted to the party side to be honest 😉 Before I started Barts Boekje, my travel and lifestyle website, I worked as a fashion producer for several fashion magazines and brands so I was always on the hunt for good shoot locations: Ibiza, especially its quieter areas, offered an abundance of these stunning spots. That’s where the love started.
Can you share some highlights from your visit that made it such a memorable experience for you and your family?
Since we are well-acquainted with Ibiza, it truly feels like a vacation rather than a work trip for us, unlike our usual work-related travels. So being able to have some more time to ourselves and enjoy the island’s stunning backdrop is the biggest highlight.
You mentioned Ibiza is one of your favourite places in the world. What sets it apart and makes it so special
for you, particularly as a family-oriented traveller?
Ibiza is definitely in my top five! Having travelled to Ibiza for over 20 years, both for work and with friends, now as a family of four, I appreciate its ideal size. You can explore the entire island in a day, yet you can still find peaceful solitude if desired. I’m not a big fan of driving, except in Ibiza. So, to me, the island epitomises ease, as everything seems effortlessly accesible on the island. I’m also a sucker for design and good food (duh) and its hard to find a place in Ibiza where the food is bad – same goes for the aesthetics. For the kids, I absolutely adore the fact that beach bars and restaurants cater equally well to both kids and adults!

What advice would you give to families who seek a more laid-back and relaxed experience in Ibiza?

I recommend exploring the serene and peaceful North and East sides of the island.

The North offers tranquility and a calm atmosphere while the East side is particularly family-friendly. You’ll find pristine beaches that are not overly crowded.


What facilities at Hotel Riomar did you enjoy most as a family?
When travelling with our family of four, we carefully select hotels based on their restaurant offers and we were loved the dining options at Riomar. The restaurants provided an ideal balance, perfect for the kids but also for a romantic ‘date night’, with the little ones comfortably in the hotel room, baby monitor on the table – that’s vacation! Additionally, our family room at Riomar was ideal, boasting a bright atmosphere and providing everything we need for a delightful stay.
Can you share a hidden gem or activity on the island?
We have a brand new and exciting e-book on Ibiza! In addition, we highly recommend checking out Rebrots and the family-friendly beach located right in front of the restaurant. The same owners have opened El Cigüe in La Cigüeña hostel on S’Arenal Petit beach – it’s definitely on our list of places to visit!


In your opinion, what are the key factors that make guests want to return to a hotel? 

I believe it’s the personal touch we offer to our guests that truly leaves a lasting impression. While there are undoubtedly beautiful hotels in Ibiza, what people will remember is how we made them feel. By consistently providing exceptional service from the moment they arrive and attentively catering to their needs throughout their stay, we ensure a remarkable experience. Here at Riomar we have a team of individuals who possess the right mindset, exuding friendliness and attentiveness towards our guests. I’ve personally witnessed and experienced this during my time here and that’s what sets us apart.