A conversation with Velas de Ibiza

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

Denise Alves (Brazil, Japan) and Antonio Beroy (Spain), the team behind Velas de Ibiza, chose the island because of its magic. With a passion for decoration, Denise learnt the art of candle making and noting the interest among friends she began to produce candles for villas and restaurants. Today, the environmentally mindful Velas de Ibiza, spreads the wonder of the island in all shapes, sizes and scents.

What does lighting a candle represent?

Lighting a candle symbolises giving light to our desires and illuminating our soul. They give us warmth and company creating special and unique moments. Candles can transform our mood and bring serenity to the present. The scents, the flicker and the light can take us back in time or transport us to a specific place.


Velas de Ibiza

In what way does the island inspire you in the creation of your products?

Ibiza gives us everything. Firstly, it gives us nature. We live next to Es Vedrá and take daily walks around the area with our dog. Being in contact with nature is vital and everyone here has so much respect for the environment. The diversity of the people we meet on the island is another great source of inspiration. Everyone has a story to tell.

Which are the fragrances of the Mediterranean and how are they reflected in your candles?

Rosemary and lavender are our favourites, as well as thyme, basil and many more. Ibiza’s soil is very rich and fertile, these herbs and flowers thrive here. So, when you take a walk in the campo you can easily forage these. The fragrances are divine, and the candles’ scents can instantly transport you to Ibiza’s countryside with the soothing notes of wild plants.

. Romaní, or rosemary, is one of the Mediterranean’s typical flora, which has both culinary and medicinal uses. It has been used in rituals since ancient times and Ibiza offers it in abundance. Rosemary is one of the aromatic herbs found in the traditional local liquor, ‘hierbas ibicencas’.


What would you recommend to someone who has never visited the island?
Without a doubt we’d recommend watching the sunrise at Ses Salines. The salt plains created in Phoenician times are now part of the nature reserve. Another magical experience is sunset at Es Vedrá, a mythical and magnetic rock which has become a landmark in Ibiza. Of course, dining at a chiringuito with your feet in the sand is unmissable. We love simplicity and anything that connects us to nature.
· The exploitation of the salt plains in the south of the island (Ses Salines) date back to 540 BC and has been dominated by Phoenicians and Romans besides other civilizations till the present. Appreciated and valued worldwide, Ibizan salt is a jewel and the place it comes from is a spectacle, home to a number of flamingos.

— The 100% sustainable candles by Velas de Ibiza symbolise celebration and illumination of the soul. Handmade on the island, the scent they emanate will transport you back to Ibiza, wherever and whenever you choose to light them. Find them available for sale at Hotel Riomar Ibiza lobby.—