Embrace the art of being

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

When was the last time you took some time to just ‘be’? 

The true beauty of travel is precisely taking the time to just ‘be’, setting ourselves apart from our daily internal monologues and taking in the sensory explosions going on around us. It is less of an effort to soak in the captivating landscapes, the dance of light and the invigorating air when we put ourselves in the traveller role. We immerse in a sensory realm enveloped by tapestries of vibrant colours, rich textures, evocative scents and tantalising flavours. Finding ourselves in a different environment can be challenging or truly grounding and soul replenishing but it is the combination of all those things that makes every trip special and unique.


In Ibiza, the senses come alive in ways that go beyond the physical. Ask anyone and they’ll passionately recount the moment they set foot on the island, falling in love at first sight with the rugged coastline and the turquoise waters as the plane descended. Or the unmistakable embrace of warm, humid air upon leaving the terminal. And how they were inexorably drawn to the shores, where beachside restaurants awaited and the first ethereal beats interweaved with an extraordinary array of culinary wonders.

This is Ibiza. A place where one can let go of old patterns and release energy. The present moment is all that matters and the island makes it effortless for one to flow with what feels good. All you need to bring is a spirit of awakening to allow the island to reveal all the gifts it is ready to offer you. 

The people you meet, the moments you share and the experiences all come together to create a sense of connection that lasts long after you’ve left. In Ibiza, engaging and nourishing your five senses is inevitable and when we do, we dive into a deeper connection with the environment and our inner selves. By shedding our previous mental buzz and getting out of our heads, we create space for fresh ideas and new perspectives to emerge, allowing us to experience every moment with more happiness, creativity and love.

This is A Summer for the Senses at Hotel Riomar Ibiza and we are honoured to invite you to immerse in pure escapism where you will find your balance by moving your body, by nurturing your thoughts and by creating everlasting memories. Every stay includes daily morning yoga, luxurious sunbeds on the beach and by the pool, live music sunset sessions at the weekends and bi-monthly starlit movie nights. Riomar is the destination where you can explore countless stories and indulge in the pleasure of the fives senses.