River meet sea

It has always been here, at least for as long as most Ibicencans can recall. Its enigmatic charm, a simple form rings of mid-Century Modernism — recalling the heyday of travel when flying around the world to faraway destinations was still something new. When the island rocked to its hippie beats, Hotel Riomar emerged from the iron-rich earth. It was 1968 when Hotel Riomar first opened its doors to the influx of tourists to Ibiza. Sea dipped toes amid a slathering of Hawaiian Tropic under a floppy brimmed sunhat.

Fast forward to ‘83 and Wham! Club Tropicana at Pikes and ‘87’s Freddie Mercury birthday bash becomes legend (one of the most lavish parties ever to be held on Ibiza they say). Soon the island raved on, securing it as the hedonist’s dream escape – sun-filled days spent recovering from endless nights of excess. But we are far enough away from that party town and Santa Eulalia went about its sleepy ways, a place of relative calm and a penchant for gastronomy bristling amongst the tourists spending their time well away from the crazed pulsating rhythm of Clubland. Serenity is a worthwhile investment.

When we first wandered through its doors we knew Hotel Riomar had potential. This could be that place everyone has been waiting for. Bring on two halves: 50% nice, 50% naughty. That’s our philosophy on life balance. Indulgence doesn’t demand excess. Relax, you’re on holiday. We have rebuilt, refurbished and reworked what a modern hotel is all about. Eat well, feel good and enjoy life until after the sun has gone down. Rest. Repeat.

The Spanish word rio translates to river. The Spanish word mar translates to sea. Where the only Balearic river meets the Mediterranean Sea, a unique natural place. Riomar is shared between uninterrupted sea views and views across the island’s rugged landscape: sea meets river. Both are equally stunning and both offer something a little different. Again, the balance of life – think hazy Summer days and long nights, then you’re there.

Taking inspiration from the Modernism of the hotel’s architecture as a merit to be celebrated, we have refined the hotel experience to its fundamental essentials; everything the modern cultural voyager needs and to ensure it simply works.

By redesigning the rooms we have found a way to convey the romantic ideals of nostalgia for a time passed but not forgotten alongside the very contemporary. We think of this as a timeless synergy of laid-back luxe.

Through the brasserie lounge, a boutique lifestyle infused with shimmering Ibizan spirit. The lounge seamlessly merges with the outdoor terraces and across the pool deck. A modernist oasis defined by nature with elegance in every moment.

Hotel Riomar is a place where the ritualistic pursuit of wanderlust meets pure escapism. An iteration of an effortless grace delivered to the island. Laidback vibes blend with edgy elegance and satisfying sophistication. It is now a place for the ardent voyager to rest, re-energise and immerse into an inspiring community of leisure, desire, aspiration and of like-minded cultural explorers. The adventure prescribed is a stylish boutique retreat, an escape into another place, exotic yet familiar, peacefully energised. Hotel Riomar actively promotes wellness and wellbeing. Sound mind and body as one, making the most of our unique location on the beach of one of Ibiza’s most special coastlines for connectivity with oneself and the world around.

To enjoy all that life has to offer, the party is set at a new pace for a new night. It is a place to come and to bring others, to gather and to settle and then to celebrate.

With all that Hotel Riomar has to offer, it will be difficult to leave – reminiscent of a sophisticated classic hotel designed for the ardent cultural voyager.

A collection of curated comforts has been crafted; music, books and artful moments are placed throughout the hotel. Pick up a record player from reception with a couple of LPs. Browse for a book to flick through whilst you top up your tan beside the pool.

The lounge is a brasserie serving food throughout the day. The brasserie opens on to the terraces and pool deck, lined with cabanas and sun loungers, making an affirmed connection to life under the sun or concealed within shade where required. Where light flows, energy can be found.

Hotel Riomar is also a place to explore, you will read more in The Modernist about the sanctuary of our secret garden serviced by the Tribe bar. It is here you can get lost. Nestled away under big leaves and tipis the day will pass into the night and that’s when things seem a little brighter. Settle into an evening on the grandstand and be serenaded with a Sunset Session. Slip slowly into Riomar’s pace of life, be it upbeat or lowbrow — that’s entirely up to you. It is a place for the intrepid global ad- venturer – where the desire is to seek out the undiscovered and reside in a moment of calm. A moment to pause and see the world in a new light, away from the trials of daily life. HR