Find a Light

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack
As the sun rises over the horizon, painting the sky with a soft palette of colours, and the air is at its freshest, a moment of profound significance emerges — a precious pause where the river meets the sea. In this coming together, the radiant Ibizan light opens a door to boundless inspiration and creativity, embracing artists, writers, musicians, dreamers, and wanderers in its transformative flow.
Welcome to Riomar, a space where time slows down, inviting you to connect with your senses. Here, the gentle summer breeze carries with it the alluring scents of the past and present, whisking you away on a journey through time and emotions.

The collaboration between Riomar and the artisans of Velas de Ibiza has birthed a magnificent scented candle that weaves together all these sensations into a single vessel: Find a Light by Riomar.

Like whispers of memories, the delicate notes of fig, bergamot, moss and lemon zest awaken the senses, bringing fresh life into every space. As you head home, carry back with you the cherished memories of your time at Riomar and allow the fragrance of Ibiza to linger.

An idyllic Mediterranean view, a summer romance that stirred the soul, a moment of inner peace, a dance under the twinkling stars – treasures of your summer in Ibiza. With the flicker of the candlelight, you are reminded that the essence of the island is now a part of your own story.

This luxurious scented candle not only captures the beauty of this unique island but also carries profound symbolic significance. Softly illuminating your favourite corner, the candlelight can bring clarity, enlightenment and the promise of hope while the dancing shadows invite meditation and contemplation. The play of light and shadows of this beautiful creation artfully expresses the duality o our human experiences, where moments of joy and relaxation are accompanied by introspection and deeper connections to the surroundings and ourselves.

Gift yourself or someone special the magic of Ibiza and enhance any occasion with the perfect touch.

Whether an elegant dinner, a peaceful evening at home or your self-care rituals, this luxurious candle exudes soothing scents that bring joy and relaxation to the atmosphere.