Es Canaret

Move with the seasons

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

Winter in Ibiza brings a change of scenario, its landscape pulling us in like a warm embrace, reminding us to take some quiet moments to reconnect to our authentic self. We now realise how much the summer currents tossed and turned us around. Days become quieter and slower, full of soothing moments that feel easy and serene.

Moving with the seasons helps you transition, adapt and connect organically to the changes around you, helping you support body and mind.

Winter is a time to reflect and receive clarity. Also, to keep the body warm and agile before setting intentions for the spring. Relaxing yoga poses and light stretching can release tension and stress. Asanas such as cat-cow or child’s pose help relieve stiffness in the back.
Walking or hiking is also incredibly beneficial at this time and a wonderful way to enjoy the island’s campo, stunning coastline and learn more about its history, flora and fauna.


Discover Ibiza’s true colours as you take in the natural surroundings and the island’s rustic aesthetic. Explore a different, quieter way to experience the island with deserted beaches and fishermen’s boats drifting between the calas. Benirrás, on the northeast of the island is a picturesque beach with a striking rock formation across the water known as ‘Es Cap Bernat’. Settle into child’s pose on a sunny winter morning and enjoy blissful peace as you deeply breath in the fresh salty air and raise your serotonin levels.

Allow yourself to feel transformed after winter. Spring is the moment to take inspired action with increased energy after retreating inwards during the colder months. This is a good time to challenge yourself with faster-paced routines and try out higher energy workouts to build overall strength. Running, biking or strength training are great ways to exercise when you are feeling higher levels of energy.


Lush with scented native herbs and wildflowers in abundance, springtime is an idyllic time to be in Ibiza. Santa Eulalia offers an array of possibilities to cycle in the countryside, whether you have a preference for flats or climbs, there are terracotta-red caminos for everyone. An easy route for all levels will take you from Hotel Riomar to the organic farm of Terra Masia, through the breathtaking and colourful Mediterranean campo.

Summer means serious action and making the most of the present moment. As we don’t want to overheat the body, kayaking around Ibiza’s fascinating coves and getting to see some of the island’s hard-to-reach spots is a treat. An excellent workout and an eco-friendly adventure.


Es Canaret
Wind your way through the clear waters in the north of the island, from Cala Xarraca to Es Canaret. The elements have eroded the cliffs forming caves and arches.
Stop at the sandy beach for a picnic and a swim as you take in the serenity and calmness that radiates from the sea.

Autumn is a time for introspection and cleansing. We now need to purify the body and ease the mind. Deep breathing practices can help us detoxify and are a powerful technique to get in touch with a deeper level of ourselves. Breathwork helps us stay grounded and present.


Ujjayi pranayama or ocean breathing increases oxygenation and eliminates toxins. Celebrating the sunset in Ibiza has become a summer ritual, however Autumn sunsets are absolutely mind-blowing.Head to the south coast of the island and find a quiet spot with a view to the magnetic rock formation of Es Vedra to practice your ocean breathing and enjoy an unforgettable moment connected to nature.