A Conversation with Natalia García Timofeeva

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

Competitive rhythmic gymnastics began in Eastern Europe in the 1940s and the sport made its debut in the 1984 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, United States. It combines elements of dance and gymnastics, and athletes perform with a ball, clubs, hoop, ribbon or rope to the sound of music. A sublime display of artistry and beauty.

Natalia García Timofeeva, rhythmic gymnast, former member of the Spanish rhythmic gymnastics team and 5-times individual champion of Spain, talks to us about her new training concept, the power of stretching and some of her self-care routines.



Tell us about your new training concept using flexibility.

My concept is based on the stretch exercises I have been practicing for more than 20 years for rhythmic gymnastics along with the basics of joint mobility and traditional yoga. I have adapted it for people who are not necessarily athletes or particularly flexible but who want to improve their flexibility to feel better, to increase their mobility, to prevent injuries and to reduce stress.




What motivated you to create the concept?

It was actually during lockdown when I realised how much I had helped my grandmother whose quality of life improved dramatically. That was when I envisioned my purpose: to help others by teaching them what I have learnt from my sports background.


How will we feel after a stretching masterclass and what benefits will we see in the long-run? 

You will feel spectacularly liberated and relaxed. We work with the muscles and joints of our entire body. As we will improve blood flow and promote oxygenation in the muscles, we will feel bliss, both mentally and physically. The benefits are clear and have been proven: to increase wellbeing, to give more freedom of movement, to prevent injuries and to reduce stress.



Which other wellness and self-care routines do you incorporate daily?

My lifestyle is pretty hectic between travel, masterclasses, trainings… I make sure I meditate and give a moment of peace to my mind on a daily basis. I am also very mindful of food choices and try to eat as healthy as possible in order to feel my best from the inside.

“Stretch your body, stretch your life” with the inspiring Natalia García Timofeeva at Hotel Riomar Ibiza.

The Stretching Masterclass will take place on Saturday the 20th of August from 8:00-9:00h at TRIBE garden, overlooking the bay.

Take a moment to focus on yourself and learn a restorative practice in a tranquil and beautiful space. Physical benefits are infinite including an increase of flexibility, posture and performance plus many other wellness effects, improving your quality of life.

A must-try for everyone which will leave you feeling your very best.