The sea is a time past and a time present

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

Wild and wondrous, the rocks speak of intention as the water reveals their contours, embracing every imperfection, each and every line and curve. The sea is a time past and a time present. Discover a moment of serenity to evoke the same sensations that we feel every time we immerse ourselves into these waters. A space for peace. A place of quietude where you can fully connect to nature and yourself. A space for union between the two, with less conflict between the inner and outer worlds. There is a sense of grounding calm and a nurturing aura in the Ibizan coves. Welcome to our world.

Return to the unpretentious authenticity of Ibiza, the mystery of the past and the inspiring personality of the present. Adopt the slow life and free spirit attitude. Find a comfortable place to reflect, to read, to dream. The island invites us to contemplate the richness of the present moment in the ebb and flow of the sea, in a shifting reflection or in a soft murmur.

Time stands still and the magic unravels. The new you is born. Dismiss all artifices and allow emotion to surface. These are the unique moments that symbolise our love affair with the island where we spend countless hours learning more about its nature, its history and its folklore. It is a one-of-a-kind corner of the Earth which is worthy of respect and care. We believe you will do the same. This is Ibiza, just as much a place of adventure, of mystique as of infinite possibilities calling escapists and dreamers.

Racó de ses Dones is a small, hidden cove also known as Cova de ses dones (women’s cove) as this is where women used to swim separated from men. It seems inaccessible but here is how to get there: located between Aguas Blancas and Es Figueral, look for Es Paller d’en Camp (15-minute drive from Hotel Riomar), an impressive natural monolith which hides a small opening, through which you can access Racó de ses Dones.