Senses Reawakened

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

In the embrace of Spring, Ibiza reawakens, and with it, the opportunity to rouse our senses and spirits. It is the time to shed the cold of winter and bask in the warmth of sunshine. With an abundance of light, fresh air and stunning landscapes, the island provides a nurturing environment for wellness. From yoga sessions on the beach to hiking in the hills, there are plenty of ways to connect with nature and restore your energy levels. Ibiza’s unique character is felt in the very air, carrying with it a sense of wonder and reverence for the natural world.

Nature is at its best in Ibiza during Spring, with fields of wildflowers and fragrant native herbs filling the air with their sweet aromas. The island comes alive with colours, sounds and scents that inspire a sense of wonder.

Ibiza’s natural beauty can be explored on foot or by bike as the coastline and campo pathways provide a peaceful escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life, allowing one to immerse in the serenity of the island, where the only sounds are the rhythmic waves or the gentle chirping of the birds.

In harmony with the island’s natural splendour, Ibiza offers a multitude of ways to nourish the body and soul, with an array of holistic therapies, retreats and activities. Whether massages, meditation or simply soaking up the sun, there are so many ways to feel transformed and empowered on this magical island.


Our mantra at Riomar is ‘Find your Balance’.

We believe Spring is the perfect time to find that balance between rest and activity, between indulgence and moderation, between work and play. This is the time to appreciate the little things while also challenging yourself with new experiences and adventures. Allow yourself to be swept away by the island’s magic, those subtle shifts that stir the soul and open our eyes to the wonder of life.