Treasure your steps

Written by Susie Saldanha McCormack

An encounter with a solitary rock. An invitation to sit beneath a carob tree. What can be heard? What can be felt? The crisp morning air, the brilliant afternoon sun, a glorious sunset. Explore the silence, perhaps not so silent. Become aware of the chorusing cicadas, the gentle breeze rustling through trees, the flowing river.

There are countless ways one can walk the island. It is not so much about which path you take but rather how you walk it. Satisfy your natural inclination to explore as you journey into the wild. Dramatic coastlines, native forest, nature’s magnificence is all around you. Delight in the flora, the fauna and the scents of the Mediterranean at a slow tempo to create mental space. This is the time to go beyond simple relaxation and experience real clarity and freedom.

Feel the ground as you step slowly and mindfully. Focus on your senses and the sound of your footsteps. Observe the stretches of iron-rich red soil as you become part of the verdant landscape and return to the present moment, probably already more serene, more focused and expanded. Contemplate the beauty all around you, slowly feeling balanced and at ease. This is your chance to wake up and see the world in a new way. Look closely.

Let everything else fade away as you tread the island, full of moments of magic. What is your inner nature? Let the island guide your steps as it reveals what you are meant to explore and what you need to bring awareness to. You are never alone, nature is your wise companion.


Ibiza is an island to fall in love with and one for serious discovery

Take a look at our selection of island hikes for moments of mindfulness to soothe the mind. Focus on your sensations in the heart of Ibiza’s natural splendour.



Spring in Ibiza is announced with the blossoming of the almond trees, usually in February. The scenic drive to Santa Agnes and the walk around the Corona Valley is just like stepping into a postcard as the islands’ landscape turns white.


The sea speaks of ancient tales igniting our own energy. The descent to the mythical Atlantis (Sa Pedrera de Cala d’Hort) leads to an old sandstone quarry in the south-west of the island. Here was where they used to extract blocks for the construction of the Dalt Vila walls thus creating the most magical natural seawater pools. At this point the caressing sound of the waves is a sure way to make us appreciate nature.


The coastal stretch from Punta Arabí to Es Canar follows the contours of several charming calas passing through fragrant pine tree forests. This marvellous shaded walk combines the scent of the trees with the salty sea and fresh air, allowing you to step out of mental considerations and tune into a deep stillness.


Most people access the crescent shaped hidden cove of Es Portitxol by boat. However, there is a descent which experienced hikers will enjoy. The turquoise water here is placid and tranquil, a dreamy Mediterranean escape. Treat yourself to a refreshing swim after your hike and become aware of the salty flavours of the Mediterranean on your lips.


Connect with the wild and natural Ibiza as you bathe your feet in the sea. Let your senses engage with the landscape, silky posidonia seagrass and the fine sand between your toes, the light breeze on your face and the golden sunlight on your skin. Walk along the shore of Es Cavallet to the Torre de Ses Portes, the point closest to Formentera.